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Improving money management across our communities

Potteries Moneywise partnership with Leek Building Society’s is making significant strides after the successful delivery of its first four money clinics provides benefit to local people.

In August, we announced its collaboration with Leek Building Society to offer guidance to individuals facing financial hardship within the local Society building. It's been a great start to our new partnership with Leek Building Society. It has allowed us to give free, confidential advice to individuals outside our normal remit, allowing us to give more back to local communities and those in need. We look forward to continuing to develop and help our local communities alongside Leek Building Society.

Leek Building Society's branches in Leek, Hanley, Uttoxeter, and Oakengates have now successfully delivered the first of their money clinics, with plans for two more sessions to take place at each branch during October and November.

These sessions can provide local people with confidential support and independent expert advice, free of charge, to help maximise household income and reduce outgoings. With the help of Potteries Moneywise’s Financial Expert, Shaan Ahmed, the Leek’s members and local communities are now equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to manage their finances, particularly in these challenging times.

Lisa Worth, Branch Manager at Leek Building Society’s Leek branch, said:

"Our recent money clinics have brought us closer to our community members, providing a platform for them to receive personalized guidance and support. We are pleased with the success of these clinics and are looking forward to hosting two further sessions in the coming weeks."

Leek Building Society's initial money clinics were met with positive feedback from participants who appreciated the opportunity to discuss their financial concerns with an expert. The clinics covered various aspects of personal finance, from budgeting and debt management to savings strategies and financial planning.

After visiting one of the money clinics, a local community member said:

“Shaan has provided me with some good advice to help me with budgeting. I don’t earn a lot and with the cost-of-living increase, I’m concerned about my bills and lack of spare cash. I really appreciate the help and guidance I’ve received today in my local Leek Building Society branch.”

With further money clinics still to come in October and November, the collaboration between Leek Building Society and Potteries Moneywise continues to provide a lifeline for individuals facing financial hardship by delivering valuable guidance and resources to its local communities.

For further information about Leek Building Society's partnership with Potteries Moneywise and their upcoming sessions, visit

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