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Employees? Clients? 

We have you covered!

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Common related issues

How we can help!

We can offer you appointments, these can be Face to Face, telephone or even home visit if required. These appointments can cover money budgeting, energy advice, benefits, grant applications and any other issues or concerns they might have. 

You can complete a referral form and we can then contact the client to offer the support and advice that is agreed.

A tailored programme designed by you. 

A dedicated help line for your employees or customers, they can call us with their issues and concerns and we can advise them there and then. If further support is required then we can offer them our additional services.

We can come to you and offer workshops or pop up stalls to help your clients or staff. This can be teaching staff members to give advice or direct advice to your staff or clients. 

Need our help?

Get in touch today!

North Staffs Combined Healthcare Trust (NSCHT)

Wow, what a fast response! You guys are fantastic! Thank you so much and thank you for updating me 😊, best wishes  (NSCHT referrer)

Cheadle Foodbank Lead

So wonderful to have such a great start to the project ! All thanks to your team, especially Courteney 👏👏👏

Moorland Foodbank staff (Training session)

Thank you so much for today’s training; I thought you covered a very complex subject very clearly and concisely. It’s really useful to have the details of resources that are available to us and to the food bank clients 
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